The real Roswell UFO incident


Top Secret government operations have proven to be quite an economic boon for the general public.

Case in point? The real Roswell UFO incident.

Actually, the UFO came down outside of Corona, New Mexico, so already we see how it’s all going to play out as far as the accuracy of the story goes from it’s very beginning.

By the time of the so-called Roswell (Corona) incident in 1947, the United States government had already been testing rockets since the early to mid 1930’s. In the 1930s, Roswell was a site for much of Robert H. Goddard’s early rocketry work.

V2 Rocket photos 1947
V2 Rocket photos 1947 – White Sands Proving Ground, Las Cruces, NM (tap or click image to enlarge)

According to NASA, on March 7, 1947, (the Roswell incident happened in July of the same year) not long after the end of World War II and years before Sputnik ushered in the space age, a group of soldiers and scientists in the New Mexico desert saw something new and wonderful in these grainy black-and-white-photos – the first pictures of Earth as seen from altitude greater than 100 miles in space. Just the year before in 1946, scientists like John T. Mengel, a NASA pioneer who later oversaw the Vanguard Program, began experimenting with captured German V-2 rockets.

So, as an experiment, cameras were installed into the nose of these V2 rockets. As far as experiments go, it’s anybody’s guess as to what our government might have been experimenting on in those days. A good guess as to what the government might have experimented on could include anything that involved animal, vegetable, or mineral.

We might, in theory, suggest that even humans could have been experimented on. What affects could space have on human tissue directly, for instance. Could there be a chance that cadavers were used to test the effects of space on human tissue? How would we be able to design and build a space suit for humans unless we knew precisely the affects of space on the human anatomy? Flash freezing a human body, only to have it thaw quickly upon reentry to our atmosphere might have produced some unusual appearances. Cartilage in the ears, nose, and other parts of the body could have broken off thus causing the cadaver to look “other worldly”.

Third Reich saucer shaped craft 1944

As far as technology is concerned, quite a lot of it was acquired from the Third Reich after the war. Jet engines (F14 Fighter), rocket engines (Ballistic Missiles), the flying wing (B2 Bomber), and yes, even prototype plans for a saucer shaped flying craft were recovered.

The proving ground at White Sands was a top secret facility, and even the President wasn’t privy to many of the black projects that went on there. Testing went on without thought to ethics, morality, or even the societal norms of the day.

Since White Sands is located near Las Cruces, it makes sense that anything fired from there would come down anywhere between Corona and Roswell (when you consider the earth rotating under the craft sent into the stratosphere). I’m pretty sure that guidance systems were all but in their extreme infancy at the time.

Enter Farmer John

W.W. Mac Brazel

Actually, his name was WW Mack Brazel, a local rancher. It was his ranch where most of the debris fell. He spoke of strange alien materials and a seemingly invincible square of foil which could not be cut or damaged. Since Nylon was invented in 1938, it was used by our burgeoning military industrial complex long before it was ever introduced to the general public. Aluminum was also used during the war, but it too wasn’t widely used by the general public because it was extremely expensive at the time. (Aluminum was mostly used during the production of aircraft).

Many of the materials witnessed at the crash site weren’t readily available for public use or consumption at the time, so it would stand to reason that it would present itself as “other worldly”. Various materials like some metals and polymers that were new or extremely rare in those days were most likely classified as top secret by the military just like how GPS was when it was first developed .

And about the bodies? Well, how many ranchers in New Mexico during the period were there that had actually seen a human body that had been exposed to the rigors of outer space unprotected by a space suit? Many? A few? None?

White Sands Proving Ground

What crashed in New Mexico wasn’t a weather balloon, nor was it balls of gas or plasma caused by tectonic plate movement within the earth (as some have so very eloquently surmised). What crashed in New Mexico was an actual machine. A machine who’s origin emanated from the far away and distant planet known to us as the White Sands proving ground.

The federal government would rather the general public believe a lie, than to have it’s black op’s exposed. It’s all for the sake of national security. Top Secret means that the government doesn’t want others to know what it’s been up to.

When you combine government secrecy, new technologies of the day that most are unaware of, Buck Rogers on the radio since 1932, and wild imaginations, we can only end up with real life science fiction like the Roswell incident … you just can’t help it. A perfect storm of misinformation coupled with a great deal of fear and ignorance has made millions of dollars over the years for anyone that dared to take the UFO Myths to it’s ultimate conclusion.

As an aside … A UFO did fall just outside of Corona, New Mexico. It was an unidentified *flying, (or rather *falling) object to us, but it wasn’t a UFO at all to our military. Our government knew exactly what it was, and as with anything else deemed Top Secret, the government won’t be privy to telling us what it was any time soon.

Happy Trails, and thanks for the read.



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