We could save the entire planet if more people would just watch Mr Bean


We could save the entire planet if more people would just watch Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson).

I know. Sounds sort of crazy, right?

Maybe not so crazy when you stop and think about how triggered everyone seems to be these days. Seems everyone has an angst of some sort or the other. Doesn’t seem that anyone ever relaxes.

The world needs to take a day, or possibly even a weekend, off.

Some of the happiest people on the planet know how to relax … Not everything is about them. They seem to take things in stride, and focus only on the sorts of things that might directly affect them on a day to day basis. Paying the mortgage on time, making sure the dog water is fresh, tucking the kids in at night … You know … the normal every day things that makes the planet a fine place to live.

Being able to laugh at yourself, and of course, other people, is a thing that’s pretty deep rooted in human nature, so why are we all trying so hard to be un-human?. The planet desperately needs laughter. How can we as a species ever expect to move forward without laughter. Social interactions among humans is pretty tantamount to the survival of humans. Laughing, singing, and dancing, are all things that take the edge off of this whole survival thing we’ve got going on.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video of Chariots of Fire – Mr Bean & the London Symphony Orchestra below:




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