Things I’ve learned from watching science fiction movies


I’ve been watching science fiction movies since the 1960’s.

I guess you can say that I’m somewhat of a fan because here I am, still watching them.

Here are 25 things I’ve learned so far from watching science fiction.

If you are a science fiction fan and if what you’ve learned isn’t on the list throughout your years of watching, then please feel free to add to this list in the comment section below.

Things I’ve learned from watching science fiction movies

1) The experts are wrong. There is sound in space.

2) All aliens have British accents.

3) Most planets have breathable air.

4) If you travel back in time, don’t meet yourself – you’ll explode.

5) All alien women are hot.

6) You can outrun a fireball.

7) Aliens who only have claws can design and operate spacecraft.

8) There are no bathrooms in the future.

9) Most computers have female voices.

10) Mars needs women.

11) It’s possible to breathe in space.

12) You can’t get away from slow moving enemies.

13) Watch your step when running, because you will trip over a stick.

14) Even with zero gravity, large ships will drop.

15) If you’re exposed to atmospheric pressure, your head will expand. But once the atmosphere has been restored, your head will return to its normal shape.

16) If you wear a red shirt, you will die.

17) You can hack an alien computer system with your laptop.

18) When a large ship enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it won’t create a tidal effect.

19) All ships have a red alert system.

20) If you’re a secondary character, you don’t get a chair.

21) Anybody can read schematics.

22) Handguns and rifles work in zero gravity.

23) Even if your ship is dangerously close to the Sun, it won’t burn.

24) Everyone can understand languages that are only grunts or beeps.

25) Huge mutated creatures can sneak up on people.


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