Progressive Montana


Montana has the most progressive Constitution in the country —

“Montana updated its 1889 Constitution, which some said was outdated and heavily influenced by the “Copper Kings,” in 1972 through a constitutional convention. It includes provisions such the right to a clean and healthful environment and addresses environmental concerns, including water rights, cultural resources and protections. Officials noted it recognized that all the people should be involved in government, adding that 28 of the 100 delegates were women.” – Missoulian

I’ve read the Constitutions of both Texas (conservative) and Washington State (liberal), and when I compare them to our Montana State Constitution, I come away with the notion of just how absolutely regressive they are.

The people of Montana are some the happiest, most helpful, and individually secure people on the planet, and I’m pretty sure that our state constitution has played it’s part in helping for that to happen.


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