Drink store bought milk? Well check this out


Processed milk contains numerous chemicals that can, and often times do, effect your health. Treated milk contains the hormone IGF-1 and has been proven to be a major cause of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Milk bought from the grocery store also contains Anti-inflammatories like (niflumic acid, mefenamic acid, ketoprofen, diclofenac, phenylbutazone, naproxen, flunixin, diclofenac), and Sex hormones (17-beta-estradiol), and Anti-fungal drugs (triclosan).

It doesn’t stop there.

Store bought milk also contains, Antibiotics (florfenicol), Steroid hormones (17-alpha-ethinylestradiol), and Anti-malaria drugs (pyrimethamine).

A little something to think about the next time you tank up on milk from the grocery store.

It’s hard to think of people just being simply lactose intolerant when we find all of these other chemicals in milk.


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