Keeping print media local


And so here it is Saturday.

Upon after cruising around on the interwebs today, I was reminded that since this is the Saturday right after black Friday, we are all being reminded to shop local.
Shopping local is a good thing I think. Keeps the money in the local community.

While I was going along being reminded to shop local today, I couldn’t help but think about the current demise of our local print media.

I for one, am not real excited about the Great Falls Tribune building being put up for sale. The Tribune has been a pretty much local mainstay for over 100 years here in Great Falls. The building itself is a landmark that has bore witness to Great Falls coming into it’s own.

I can’t, in good conscience, consider the Tribune to be any more local than the New York Times is. No physical presence in Great Falls to me means, no local paper.

So we all shop local today … But how many of us are consuming local *print media? Sure, we know that print media has sort of gone the way of digital these days, but local is what it is. I write this blog locally, because, I’m in Great Falls of course.

Thinking locally, I set about to adding locally/regionally owned news print/digital media to this site today. News and info that’s written and edited from towns and cities in the area that actually exist in the places it professes to be from.

I thought about writing this post today after I had added those local news links, but I was sort of putting it off … that is, until I saw David’s post about the Tribune graphics dept being located somewhere in Arizona.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m gonna bet that The Independent Observer doesn’t farm out it’s graphics dept in such a fashion as this. I’ll just bet that there’s a guy … in Conrad, Montana … banging away on a keyboard … locally.

At any rate … you can see the links I’ve added in the right side bar of this page.

Thanks for the read.

Happy Trails.


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