You should be sharing your bedroom with your Dog


While dogs are one of God’s gifts to mankind and though most dog parents love having them around all the time, not everyone likes to share a bed with them. New studies have shown that sharing your bedroom with your dog is actually really good for you. Of course, anyone that’s ever had a dog might already know that studies aren’t really needed because they’ve already experienced all of the great things dogs can do.

Years ago we had a Malamute named Smokey — He’d jump up and take over the entire bed it seemed. After a while, when he’d get too warm, he’d jump down and find a cooler spot on the floor at the foot of the bed.

These days we have a German Shepard named Luna. Luna is getting up there in years and she can’t jump up on the bed any more so she sleeps at the foot of the bed just like Smokey did back in the day

When dogs aren’t all out playing stick or drinking out of mud puddles, they can be found doing some of the things listed below.

They reduce stress and anxiety

Just being near your furry friend makes you feel less stressed, imagine how calming it would be sleeping next to him. Therapy dogs are used the world over for a reason. And that is because they’re a proven stress buster.

They give you a sense of security

Not only can they physically protect you from danger, they also make you feel safe just by being present in the same room.

They keep you warm

Dogs are pack animals who stick together to keep each other warm. In the cold winter months, nothing is more soothing than a dog sitting with you and sharing his body heat with you. He’s your own personal bed warmer.

The dog loves it too

For your dog, you are his entire world. Sleeping with your dog by your side ensures you spend quality time with him and in turn lengthen his life and make it happier.

They help you sleep

Studies show that having your dog by your side makes you feel secure enough to sleep peacefully.

They help reduce the onset of depression

With their unconditional love and support, anyone suffering from depression can feel loved and wanted. Some can even cure or prevent depression by simply having their furry love ball around.

They offer comfort

Now, who doesn’t find a doggy cuddle comforting?


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