The Beaver Moon – November 25-27, 2023


Peak illumination of November’s full Moon, known as the Beaver Moon, will occur early Monday morning, Nov. 27 at 4:16 AM eastern time.

What is a Beaver Moon

During a full Moon, the Moon is positioned opposite of the Sun, placing the Earth between the star and our lunar satellite. Because of this position, the side of the Moon facing the Earth becomes fully illuminated by sunlight.

The Moon will appear full for three days, from Saturday night to Tuesday morning, but it will only appear at its brightest for a brief period of time.

The brightness will allow you to see the Beaver Moon with the naked eye. If this is how you’ll be viewing the full Moon, it’s recommended to give your eyes plenty of time to adjust. Depending on your eyesight, you will be able to see large impact craters on the moon.

You might also consider using binoculars or even a telescope.

Let’s hope that our skies are as clear on Sunday/Monday nights as they are tonight so that we can take a good look at the Beaver Moon.

November’s full Moon is known by a number of names. The name Beaver Moon is rooted in November being the time of year when beavers begin to shelter in their lodges for winter, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.



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