When the Rodeo comes to town


In this modern age of social media networks and the internet overall, it’s always nice to enjoy the original social networking experience once in a while.

This weekend the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals were held at the 4 Seasons Arena and there was no shortage of in-person social networking going on.
People from around the state, Wyoming, and even Canada were here to social network the old fashioned way.

Back in the day we had things like the county fair, rodeo, and even sometimes the circus, where one and all came together to catch up, visit, and meet new people, in real time and in real life.

When you sit back and look at all of the fun and the good conversation that these in person events have, you can come away with the knowledge that the internet is more of an imitation or a cheap knock-off of the overall real social experience.

Real life social interactions are full and deep … Internet social interaction is seemingly much more shallow because it allows for people to put on airs that real life interactions usually don’t allow. It’s somewhat unfortunate that the internet is this way, but I guess that’s just how it is.

Maybe folks would get along better if they interacted more in real life.

At any rate, it’s always a good day when the rodeo comes to town.

See video:



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