The untold truth of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers


Of all the typical Plains tribes, the Cheyenne were most distinguished for warlike qualities.

Few in number, they overcame or held in check most of the peoples who opposed them, and when the westward movement of European civilization began, they made more trouble than all the rest combined.

In short, they were preeminently warriors among peoples whose trade was war.

As in other Plains tribes, the warriors of the Cheyenne were organized into societies or orders.

These societies were fraternal, military, and semi-religious organizations with special privileges, duties, and dress, usually tracing their origin to some mythical culture hero or medicine man.

Each society had its own songs and secret ritual and exacted certain observances and standards of its members.

Of these organizations, none played such a part in the history of the Plains as the “Dog Soldiers” of the Cheyenne.

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The Untold Truth Of The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers!


The Cheyenne were the most infamous tribe on the American plains – when they were only fighting other tribes, they overwhelmed them, even though the Cheyenne were almost always outnumbered by the other tribes in the Plains; and when it came to the fight against the European civilization, no tribe was as tough to beat as the Cheyenne. In short, they were a people born and bred for war.


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