The Libertarian Party appears to be gaining ground in 2020


Libertarians believe in the goodness of people. Libertarians believe that all people are endowed by their creator with natural rights, including the rights of life, liberty, and property. The ultimate goal of the Libertarian Party is to achieve a social structure in which initiatory coercive force is illegal.

According to the Libertarian:

For the 2020 election cycle, Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen has over 1,788,000 votes, which is the second-best showing for an LP presidential candidate, following Gary Johnson’s performance in 2016.

Indiana LP candidate for Governor Donald Rainwater received 11.4% of the vote, the second-best ever for an LP gubernatorial candidate, behind Dick Randolph who got 14.9% in Alaska in 1982.

Ricky Harrington, running for the US Senate in Arkansas against Republican incumbent Tom Cotton, got 33.3% of the vote, the best ever result for a federal candidate, besting Joel Balam’s 31.5 in the Kansas third congressional district race in 2012.

Preston Nelson finished with 29% of the vote in his race for the Illinois 8th congressional district, tying Joe Miller of Alaska for third-best ever for a federal candidate. Mr. Miller received 29% in his 2016 US Senate race in Alaska.

In West Virginia, candidate for Governor Erika Kolenich received 2.9% of the vote, securing ballot access for another four years. And in Wyoming, Richard Brubaker, running for the US House seat, also received 3%, retaining ballot access for two more years. The New Mexico LP retained major party status, as Stephen Curtis, running for position 2 for Judge of the Court of Appeals got 7% of the vote.

If some of these numbers sound small to you, and you’re somehow convinced that there just isn’t any way to beat the Democrats or Republicans, it might be important to remember that President Lincoln only got 32% of the popular vote running on a 4th party platform. That’s all it took to turn things around back in 1861.


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