Our new Weather Station


Back in mid-summer we were doing a job here in town that involved siding a cinder block house using tap-cons and LP siding.
When we got around to the back of the house I noticed a weather station installed at the top of the gable. I had to remove it so we could side the gable end and then reinstall it when we were finished. Inside the house, when we were trimming out the new windows, I noticed the LCD display for the weather station hanging on the wall. Cool I thought — I may end up having to get one of these.

November finally rolled around and I ended up getting one for our son for Christmas.

He seemed pretty excited about it once he opened the gift and wanted me to install it right away. Fair enough I suppose, so I set about to thinking about where the best location would be outdoors to install it.

AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Professional Weather Station (tap or click image to enlarge)

As anybody probably already knows, when you buy a place from someone else, there’s always going to be things around that are no longer of any use … old clotheslines, multiple cable wires from previous cable TV installs, a lone post in the back yard that I had no idea what it was used for — you know, those sorts of things.

As it turns out, there was a satellite dish installed on the corner of the garage that my wife absolutely hated and had wanted me to take down as soon as we got the place, and with me being … me … procrastinated with regard to it’s removal. Turns out that I’m sort of glad that I didn’t take the dish down right away because the mast for the dish was a perfect place to install our son’s new weather station.

Now that the new weather station is installed and up and running, our son comes out of his room every morning and looks at the LCD panel to see the current weather conditions that are right outside of our front door.

Lightning Detector (tap or click image to enlarge)

The weather station came with a lightning detector as well, and in about a minute of my putting batteries into it I discovered that placing it too close to the micro-wave isn’t at all such a great idea. Nothing bad happened of course. The lightning detector just sort of freaked out while the micro-wave was going and the detector’s little (loud) alarm got quite a work-out.

If you ever get the chance, jump up and get yourself one of these weather stations. They’re pretty cool, and they give you all of the goodies on current conditions right out in your own back yard.

You can check these out over on Amazon


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