Let’s keep it real then .. never-mind the little green bar


Ah yes .. another Google page rank update is happening ..

I am amazed at just how uncorked webmasters get every time this happens. Never-mind the client .. the little green bar rules their days.

I’ve never been one to get all and up over the things Google does, and getting bent over the green bar is just, well … stupid.

If you’re keeping it real, and by this I mean, taking care of your clients, developing decent readable pages with good original content, then the little green bar shouldn’t ever become much of an issue.

For years I’ve watched webmasters do their jobs. And for years, I’ve seen websites rank highly regardless of what the little green bar says.

Google isn’t stupid. If you’ve got something unique to offer, as it might relate to how you do business online, then you should never have to worry about anything else. Your listings will be high for your terms, your traffic will be steady, and the sales will continue.

All too often, I’ve seen some great stuff absolutely ruined online as a result of webmaster anxiety as it relates to Google’s little green bar. Sites that list perfectly well for their terms, gone down in flames because someone thought they needed to change something because of a one point loss on the little green bar.

Your industry, your clients, your services, should dictate whether or not you change something on a site. If you’ve got stale content? Well then add new .. throw out the old .. evolve and move as the internet does .. as your industry does. Don’t be taken in by the little green bar.

Build your pages with your client(s) in mind, not Google .. and you’ll be fine.

Added Note:

Now that Google’s Page Rank Update for Jan 1 is finished, I’ve noticed that Google has awarded one of my very blank domains a page rank of 3 — while at the same time, giving another of our full content and heavily linked to domains a page rank of 1.

Keep it real then — never-mind the little green bar


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