Meet Eli – The next generation of personal vehicles


The Eli ZERO is touted to be a better alternative to conventional cars in the urban setting.

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Eli doesn’t boast of it’s range, but instead offers up the advantages of urban use. Short hops if you will. It’s top speeds are around 25-35 mph which makes it perfectly suited for city or interior urban travel.

It’s charging times aren’t off the clock either. Plug it in to 110 or 240 at night and in the morning you can run your errands with 60 miles max range per charge.

Eli also has an optional battery heating system that significantly enhances overall battery performance in the winter time and in cold climates.

Eli also comes with a compact and streamlined design along with glass doors that provides expanded viewing angles. The compact and streamlined design along with glass doors provides expanded viewing angles for maximum visibility.

Eli also comes with Heat and Cool AC.

I know it looks a little odd, but considering it’s size and related abilities, with it’s short charge times, and being promoted for pretty much only city driving, I think this is a pretty cool little rig.

If you’re interested in getting one of your own, you’ll be happy to know that Eli is bringing their pint-sized EV to the United States, and you can reserve yours today for just $200 (fully refundable). At $11,990, the Eli Zero is pretty affordable, too. Deliveries are slated for Q3 2024, so you won’t have to wait too long if you get your order in.

In Europe, they’re called quadricycles, and in the U.S. they fall under the low-speed vehicle (LSV) category.

The Eli Zero has compact dimensions of 88.6 inches in length, 54.3 inches in width and 64.4 inches in height. It rides on 165/65 R13 tires with alloy rims. The wheelbase measures 63 inches, while the track width is 45.67 inches. It has a seating capacity for two occupants and offers 5.65 cubic feet of trunk space for storage.

You can learn more about this tiny EV by visiting the Eli website here:


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