Introducing the Romotow T8 RV


And now from our “Wow” files, here’s the Romotow T8.

The Romotow T8 RV is the brainchild of W2, a New Zealand-based architecture and design firm.

See the video:


Though this thing is a definite beauty, I’m not sure if I would ever be able to get it to fit in some of my favorite camping spots here in Montana — I may wish to bring a chainsaw along for just in case that one big tree is in the way … just kidding.

The most striking feature of the Romotow T8 is its rotating cabin, which can swivel 90 degrees from its shell when parked. Inside the rounded front nose are removable canvas/mesh sidewalls to keep the bugs out.

The rotation is controlled by an automated hydraulic system that makes the process smooth and easy. You don’t need any special skills or tools to operate it, just a hitch to tow it and a button to transform it.

It costs about $260K, which is more than some houses. But according to Romotow’s co-founder Matt Wilkie, the Romotow T8 is well worth the investment.

You can check out the Romotow T8 RV on the Romotow website here:


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