Halftime Sports Bar – Great Falls, Montana


Seems I’ve never been one for the bars, at least in the traditional sense. I learned years ago in Missoula, when I was the designated driver for all of my drunk buddies, that bar food can be pretty tasty.

Today we had the great pleasure of meeting up with some of my wife’s old co-workers from her Pasta Montana years at the Halftime Bar & Casino.
Sports bars are what they are and the Halftime wasn’t any different. Huge TV’s adorned every wall, and it was dark.

We decided to have something to eat, so I settled for the old cheeseburger standby. Bar food is usually pretty good as a rule, but if you’ve never been into a certain place before, the cheeseburger is usually a pretty safe bet. You can tell a lot about a bar by the way they make and serve up the cheeseburger.
Since I had never been in the place before, my safe bet was the cheeseburger.

I don’t eat out as often as I might have done back in the 80’s, and lately I’ve been somewhat disappointed at how totally dry the food is. The best burger I ever had at a bar was in Dixon, Montana at the Dixon bar. The thing dripped with condiments by default. These days however, the burger is served up dry without any mayo/catsup/mustard. A plain sometimes toasted dry bun is about all you’ll get.

One of the few redeeming qualities of the Halftime Bar cheeseburger was that the beef was fairly thick and it appeared to be hand pressed (like the kind you make on the BBQ at home).

For all of the years that I’ve lived here, this was the first time I had ever been in the Halftime Sports Bar. I’m not much of a bar person to begin with so it’s hard to say if I’ll go in again anytime in the near or distant future.

Want to check out the Halftime Sports Bar & Casino yourself? They’re located at: 1101 NW Bypass Great Falls, MT 59404
Visit their website: https://www.halftimesportsbar.net/
Here’s the menu: https://www.halftimesportsbar.net/eat


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