GFPS releases general guidelines for athletic events


While some school districts in the state are not allowing spectators at school related athletic events, Great Falls Public Schools has decided to allow for some spectators to attend according to the recently released guidelines.

Below you’ll find the portion of the guidelines that allows for spectators.

During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant shut downs, we recognize the need to put extra-curricular activities in the proper perspective. Further, as we have throughout the length of the outbreak, we will continue to solicit and adhere to the directives and recommendations put forth by our local County Health Department, Board of Trustees, Superintendent of Schools and Governor. Given the MHSA’s decision to offer opportunities for fall athletes, we are issuing the following proposal for the management of events/competitions hosted by GFPS in local facilities.


1. Each participant in uniform will be issued 3 passes to be distributed to parents/family members that can be used to gain admittance to the contest.

2. Passes will be numbered and recorded upon completion of the screening process prior to entry.

3. Passes will be valid for the entire season with the exception of play off contests.

4.Covid protocols and expectations will be printed on the back of the pass along with an acknowledgement of the inherit risk associated with attendance of the event.

5. Visiting fans will not be admitted to events except for cross town events in which both groups of fans will be allowed to utilize their provided passes, but seating arrangement will be separated.

This policy will be reviewed periodically throughout the season to determine whether or not it is reasonable to allowed limited number of visiting spectators.



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