Frito’s Morning Hunt


A friend from town asked my wife if we wanted a cat.

Evidently her daughter could keep it and wanted to give it away. My wife, not being a cat person reluctantly said yes and the rest was history.

Meet the cat we named Frito.

When we got her she was starved and about half feral. Malnourished as she was, we had no idea that she was pregnant too.

Frito was so starved in fact that she would catch moths out of mid air and eat them. She even pulled Dustin’s Baconater hamburger of off the dining room table and ate it.

When we got Frito we immediately took her to the vet for shots and a check-up (that’s when we learned she was pregnant). Once she had her babies (which we promptly gave away to good homes), we had her fixed because she went in heat right away. Drove Luna (our dog) up the wall with all of the yowling.

Once our friend in town found out that we got Frito all fixed up with shots and all, she wanted her back for her daughter — Nope — Cats are an investment and they become part of the family.

The pictures below are just one of Frito’s morning hunts (that cat could catch anything).


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