Fake support for Palestinians


Do you really want freedom for the Palestinians, or are you just putting on a show?

Wearing a mask, a Keffiyeh, and speaking in a fake Arab accent shows that you’ve just become everything you claim to hate.

You protest for the very cause you claim to be protesting against and with your limited life experience and intelligence levels, you don’t even realize it.

Sure. I’ve seen you on TV and trust me — I’m not real impressed with your facade.

Getting rid of Israel will do nothing to help the Palestinians. Don’t believe me? … just take a good long look at what Syria did to the Palestinians not so long ago. Instead of showing your presumed intelligence with regard to the Palestinian plight, you show your abject ignorance.

I can understand the fact that you are going to or went to University, so anything you might embrace would be directly related to your training there (not everyone can be the sharpest tool in the shed I guess).

Radical regimes and terrorist organizations have been using students as a tool for gaining power for years. Students are the easiest marks, the most gullible, because they’re much too young to understand all of the geopolitical intricacies involved when it comes to how totalitarian governments come to power.

I too went to University. I remember the thousands of folks (Iranian students) marching down Market street in San Fransisco in protest of the Shah’s regime – little did anyone know at the time, that when Khomeini returned from exile he would slaughter tens of thousands of students, workers, and Communist Party members who had been involved in the revolution that overthrew the Shah. Dictators will often destroy the very things that brought them into power.

Okay, so the Shah’s regime was bad, I’ll give you that, but what came after was and is much worse.

If you think for even one moment that getting rid of Israel is going to be the end-all to all of the troubles, you’ve got another thing coming I’m afraid. Anyone that even remotely knows anything about Gaza already knows that when Israel left Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians in Gaza went on to elect Hamas in 2006.

Before 2005, Palestinians suffered under the hand of Israeli occupation, after 2006, Palestinians suffered under the hand of Hamas, who was then (even up to today) being supported by Iran.

To those of you who think that putting on that Arab costume and speaking with a fake Arab accent is going going to score you any points with Hamas, you’ve got quite another thing coming, because you see, you’re just a tool that will be discarded once Hamas solidifies it’s place on the world stage.

Winning freedom for the Palestinians has more to do with getting rid of Hamas than is does with getting rid of Israel. Israel quit being responsible for Gaza clear back in 2005.

The most difficult thing we face these days with regard to freeing the Palestinians, is that they need to unlearn all of the bullshit that they were indoctrinated with by Hamas — you know, sort of like how you, the protestor, needs to unlearn all of the bullshit you were indoctrinated with by University.

The Palestinians of Gaza are about as immersed in Hamas as you are in University. They, not too unlike you, are being manipulated by proven failed ideologies. They’ve been trained to believe that peeing on the electric fence is good for them … they see no other way, and neither do you.

Until people can unlearn the falsehoods and quit parroting the words and phrases they were told to parrot, nothing will change. One day you’re going to wake up and realize that you were just wasting your time fighting for a cause you were told to fight for because you were too stupid to understand that the cause was totally worthless in the first place.

Getting rid of dictatorial extremest terrorist organizations is a rather messy business — I mean, how many people had to suffer when we got rid of Hitler? Here’s a tip — it wasn’t just the Jews that suffered under the hand of the Nazi’s … the whole world suffered.

If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to handle all of what might be involved when it comes to dealing with the real world, you might want to choose to sit this one out and let the adults in the room handle it.

Putting on a costume and speaking a fake accent does nothing for the cause of freedom.


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