Eddies Corner is up For Sale


Road trips thru Fergus county could never be totally complete until you stopped in at Eddies Corner.

Located in Moore, Montana, Eddies Corner has always been a mainstay with regard to fueling up the RV and getting in on some of the best gas station food in Montana.
Not real sure who might step up to buy Eddies Corner, but I’m pretty sure that whoever does, will most likely want it to continue it’s tradition of being one of the primary stops for all of the Montana road trippers who happen to pass through.

Asking price for Eddies Corner is $1,750,000.00

Eddies Corner Café and Bar was built in 1949 by Eddie McConnell when he recognized the potential of the well-traveled crossroads of US Highways 87 and 191.

In 1951 Eddies Corner was purchased by Duke and Ot Bauman and, realizing the potential of a fuel station at the intersection, a Mobil branded full-service station was added shortly thereafter.

In 1963, the brand was switched to Conoco and like all similar companies at the time, full-service transitioned to self-service in 1979.

Since 1951, hardly a year has passed that a major renovation or improvement hasn’t taken place in order to keep up with the times and offer every convenience possible to travelers and locals alike.

In addition to the bar, café, and gas and diesel islands, the property now includes a motel, home rentals, convenience store, laundromat, showers, maintenance building, and service garage.

Eddies Corner has been held by the Bauman family for over 70 years and is now owned by their son Joe, who is the on site manager as well.


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