Windows 12 concept video – by AR 4789


Adoption of Windows 11 might be much slower than Microsoft would have hoped for or expected, but this isn’t stopping the company from forging ahead with its successor.

The project is currently dubbed CorePC, but it’s being referred to by many as — naturally — Windows 12.

According to Zac Bowden, Senior Editor at Windows Central —

“The project is codenamed CorePC and is designed to be a modular and customizable variant of Windows for Microsoft to leverage different form factors with. Not all Windows PCs need the full breadth of legacy Win32 app support, and CorePC will allow Microsoft to configure “editions” of Windows with varying levels of feature and app compatibility.

The big change with CorePC versus the current shipping version of Windows is that CorePC is state separated, just like Windows Core OS. State separation enables faster updates and a more secure platform via read-only partitions that are inaccessible to the user and third-party apps, just like on iPadOS or Android.”

While no one has seen any actual screenshots or videos of Windows 12, there are some very talented concept designers like AR 4789 for instance, who takes us through the entire installation and set-up process in this concept video.

Features showcased in the video include a new Start menu, File Explorer, and Settings.

See AR 4789’s Windows 12 concept video below:


Also, according to Bowden:

“Microsoft is also working on a version of CorePC that meet the current feature set and capabilities of Windows desktop, but with state separation enabled for those faster OS updates and improved security benefits. The company is working on a compatibility layer codenamed Neon for legacy apps that require a shared state OS to function, too.”

The next version of the Windows client, codenamed Hudson Valley, is currently scheduled for some time in 2024, and Microsoft is thought to be aiming to have CorePC ready around the same time.

sourced credits:

Icons8 for the Icons and jepriCreations for the Cursors


Jeremy Blake – Exhale
Jeremy Blake – Let’s Go Home

All designs like UI’s, features, and others in this concept video belong to AR 4789

This is NOT an actual/real OS or software, this is just a concept, so there is no ISO for this OS.


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