Who’s up for some Unity?


If you are preaching unity but won’t have anything to do with a Trump or a Biden supporter then I’ve got some news for you — You’re doing it wrong.

Unity, a condition of harmony, or the quality or state of being made one, can’t exist if all you do is rank or berate the ones you claim to want to have unity with. Unity is a word that’s on the verge of being so abused by those who parrot political talking points that we’ll soon be hard pressed to even remember what the word actually means.

Unity is destined for the list of words that have no more meaning. Words like racist, homophobia, narcissism, and sexism, have all lost their distinctive meanings as they are battered about by the unknowing and the uncaring. People with low self esteem would more often than not want to use these words as insults for nearly anything they happen to disagree with. Words taken woefully out of context because the ones using them are either very ignorant, or they just don’t care.

My neighbor voted for one guy, and I voted for the other. Even to this day he gives my wife jars of home made salsa, and I shovel his walks in the winter time.

See how that works?

Unity doesn’t mean that you have to agree with anyone about anything. Unity is the mark that allows us to be and act like responsible human beings. We live in a condition of harmony. It’s understood that as individuals we are free to express ourselves to others who may not agree without the fear of being ranked down or berated in some fashion.

If you think that unity can only be achieved if someone comes around to your way of thinking and eventually agrees with you, then you have indeed been grossly misled. Unity can be achieved either with, or without agreement.

For as much as the political minded are throwing the word unity around these days, I’ll give the word about 4 months before the word itself becomes totally useless and meaningless (not too unlike racism, sexism, and homophobic)

In order to achieve any kind of unity in the world, you’ve got to be stronger than your prejudice, or the political argument of the day. If you aren’t strong enough to desire genuine unity, then I might suggest you stop using the word “Unity” entirely so that those of us who still know what the word means can keep using it.


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