Transhumanism and the Tower of Babel


In this 35 minute video, Pastor Jason Fritz lays out the striking parallels between Genesis and our own modern day.


The ancient people of earth attempted to reach God for themselves by building a tower in the city of Babel whose head would reach the heavens. From there, they would attain God-like status and build a name for themselves apart from God.

Similarly, some of the loudest influencers today talk about unity, harmony, and achieving paradise or utopia by human invention, science, technology, or even systems of government.

The Tower of Babel gives the outcome. We can see how these plans have not nor will they work in the future apart from God.

Transhumanism is a revival of the same ideas that inspired the architects of Babel. It’s the same story but in a different time.

Man has always wanted to be like God. Remember, this was the original temptation from Satan in the garden. “You shall be like God”

Humans are inherently broken and sinful as a result of the Fall. The effects of sin cannot be overcome by human innovation or effort, only the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Once again, Genesis speaks loudly to our time.

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Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition.

In 2017, Penn State University Press, in cooperation with philosopher Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and sociologist James Hughes, established the Journal of Posthuman Studies as the first academic journal explicitly dedicated to the posthuman, with the goal of clarifying the notions of posthumanism and transhumanism, as well as comparing and contrasting both.

One of the early precursors to transhumanist ideas is Discourse on Method (1637) by René Descartes. In the Discourse, Descartes envisioned a new kind of medicine that could grant both physical immortality and stronger minds.


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