The leaning tree of Great Falls


Every year, the city of Great Falls accepts a tree donation for Christmas. This year really wasn’t any different than any of the rest, accept that the tree that was donated this year came with an angle.

According to City Commissioner Rick Tryon’s facebook page, this is how it all played out:

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You can contact Rick HERE.

Though people might have complained about the rather crooked or leaning tree, I think most of us are taking it in stride.

Those who might worry about others around the state laughing at us over this need to understand that people around the state have always laughed at us for some reason or the other. We here have always done others around the state a good turn by laughing at them too.

I mean, C’Mon — who here in town hasn’t had a good chuckle over the antics of Bozeman or Missoula? So we, with our leaning tree and all, really don’t have it as bad as some would want us to imagine.

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At the end of the day though, this whole leaning or crooked tree episode really just boils down to ones own perspective. Is the glass half full or half empty?

Are you miserable or are you happy? Most of us here are pretty happy, so when we take a snapshot of our crooked tree, it all comes out straight.

It all just depends on which angle or position you take on these matters.

I like the tree — It’s full and green and full of lights.

It’s a Christmas tree.


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