The Brownie Reflex Synchro


It was another interesting Christmas this year.

Our son loves antiques — Especially antiques that still work and can still be useful.

This year he received the Brownie Reflex Synchro camera, among a bunch of other cool stuff that was, of course, much newer.

With regard to how expensive Christmas can be for many, I’ve found that going after working antiques can come in at a premium. I’m pretty sure though that you can pick up a fairly inexpensive Brownie over on eBay, but then you’ve got to wonder about it’s actual working condition even though the vendor might insist that everything’s fine with it.

The Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro Model was manufactured from Sept 1941-May 1952 in the US and from 1946 to May 1960 in the UK; some were also made in Canada. Overall the model had a 20 year production run.

The synchro model has a two-pin flash connector below the taking lens, and an extended screw on the top and extra lug on the side to connect the model-specific flash unit.

A leather eveready-type case was also available.

The design was patented in 1940 by designer Henry O. Drotning as US Patent D119931.

The original price for the Brownie was $5.25 — That’s $113.10 in today’s dollars.
The Brownie uses 127 roll film, which is scarce but can still be found and available online, including Agfa Isopan, EFKE R100 Ilford FP4+ and more.

Finding the flash mechanism and carry case for this camera was easier than finding the actual flash bulbs. Got a friend in the U.K. working on that.

I even included a user manual for this particular model that our son can look over. The Brownie Reflex Synchro user guide.

Over all, this little Brownie was a good find.


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