Overlook at Hardy Creek


Sometimes we might take for granted the area we live in — case in point here would be the overlook just off the interstate south of Hardy Creek.

For all of the times we’ve traveled between Great Falls and Helena it always seemed that I’d make a mental note of stopping at that overlook to … well … overlook.

On the way to an appointment in Helena yesterday I made sure to leave in enough time to stop at the overlook that’s situated just off the southbound side of the interstate. Walked up the narrow path, climbed the stairs leading up to the rock cliffs, and took a look. It’s actually a rather beautiful area and I don’t think the pictures really can do it justice. Looking at it all in real time is preferred.

Interstate 15 was built pretty much through the mountainous cliffs and as a result, there can be some rather spectacular views from the very top looking down into the canyon. If one were to look close enough toward the bottom you might see the route of the old US91 highway (now called the Recreation Road) running along side of the Missouri River.

There are tons of little off-the-byway areas to look at around the area and the overlook just south of Hardy Creek is just one of those areas.


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