Musical Starstreams & Missoula


Years ago when I lived in Missoula, I used to listen to KUFM. Public radio from the University of Montana.

Every Sunday night at about 9 o’clock for a few hours, KUFM would broadcast a program called Musical Starstreams. It was an interesting mix of quasi-electronic cross ambient New Age music that was somewhat unusual considering the other genres of music played locally on the radio at the time.

I was first introduced to New Age music on a channel over in the Seattle area during post grad studies at the time called KNUA (tagline: music for a new age). After college and upon my return to Montana, I landed in Missoula. After living in Missoula for a number of years, I began listening to public radio and that’s when I discovered Musical Starstreams.

During those years I had grown increasingly tired of the standard genres of Rock and Country music — Stations in Missoula and other communities here in Montana served up the same music to be played over and over and over again in an endless mundane cycle of redundancy that might drive anyone looking for something new out of their ever loving minds. You can only listen to the same songs over and over again, so by the time I found the quirky programming of KUFM, I was quite ready for a change.

Musical Starstreams is owned and operated by Forest and according to his website:

Forest is the producer, programmer and host of MUSICAL STARSTREAMS, the USA’s first (December, 1981) syndicated, electronica based commercial radio program. Over the years, Starstreams has been heard on over 200 commercial and non-commercial stations including a majority of the Top Ten USA markets, daily on XM satellite radio, DirecTV,, and

You can listen to Musical Starstreams programming below in the footer of this page. I hope that you might find the program as interesting as I have.

Happy trails.


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