Increase revenue by staying out of today’s toxic political environment


Originally published by Reddwebdev December 5, 2017

When a client comes in and is willing to pay for your product or service it can be a good day. We work hard to provide that product or service and each sale or contract is a direct validation of that work

Recently whilst perusing our social media accounts I happened across a link provided by an account we once followed over on Twitter — @RWD posted a link to an international brand for extreme outdoor wear, extolling the presumed virtues of a site written well using the Responsive Web Design standard.

@RWD posted to Twitter, “Here’s an incredibly impactful—and important—piece of responsive design:”

Fair enough I suppose. Here’s someone with some seeming authority on the platform taking on a presumed instructional role hoping to again presumably educate the masses on the practical and useful application of Responsive Web Design.

Upon after clicking the link in the tweet provided I was disappointed to see “not” the practical and useful application of Responsive Web Design, but rather a full panel political statement with regard to the President and how he was presumably stealing land from the poor and downtrodden masses.

I proceeded to the site anyway, completely ignoring the intended divisiveness that this company had hoped to promote via it’s poorly applied splash. The company site boasted of being “Green” but yet promoted or otherwise sold items that were non-biodegradable.

Lesson learned — Trolls exist I suppose, and the sad fact is that we’ll never be fully rid of them on the net. I had never once thought that Ethan Marcotte, who coined the term “Responsive Web Design”, and administers @RWD on Twitter, was a troll, but I was wrong.

When we go into business for ourselves, it’s up to us to pursue a path that we feel might best suit our needs with regard to that business. We find ourselves writing our business policies, following various different business models, and generally hoping for the best end result as it might apply to our bottom line. We want to be profitable, and in becoming profitable, we might find ourselves sharing the wealth by hiring more employees, passing out performance bonuses, and other what nots.

Demographics plays a critical roll as well in most businesses – Who, what, and where, are all questions we continually ask ourselves every day.
What can we do to make our business as profitable as we can in the shortest amount of time? It’s important to get the word out and demographics helps us to do just that as we apply that resource in trying to reach as many people as possible.

Even still, and at the end of the day, we understand that your business is yours to do with as you please – You could scream your political angst from the mountain tops if you so wished, but why would you?

Target, Hobby Lobby, and many others have done this very same thing and look where it got them.

Do you really want for your business to exist in a bubble?

Do you really want to cut off your true business potential by choosing to only serve the select few?

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the political winds shift constantly in this country. What might be all true and acceptable today, might not be all true and acceptable next week at 2 o’clock.

Your products and services are a given — Political ideologies are not. This is why it might be wise to avoid the rhetoric of the day and concentrate instead on growing your business.

Money doesn’t care who marries who or what bathroom gets used — Money is an equal opportunity entity – So should your business be – Save the preaching for the pulpit, or the street protests.

If you find yourself refusing to sell a car, build a website, bake a cake, or not conducting any other kind of business with someone because they don’t think like you do, then you are a part of the problem and your business isn’t as successful or profitable as you somehow seem to think it is.

If you’re a new business owner you might do well to become a part of the solution by focusing your efforts on your business whilst saving all of your social angst for your off hours. Money talks and Bullshit walks in the true world of business, and becoming distracted, if even for a moment, could very likely spell the end of whatever business goals you are trying to accomplish.

Your business isn’t a business if you plan to use it to brow-beat John Q Public with regard to your political leanings or ideologies. Save that stuff for the people who might actually listen to you as you march down the street protesting over your favorite gripe of the day.

Most people who purchase are usually not interested in your bemoaning anyway. They simply want a decent product or service for a fair price and that’s it. They’ve got their own deal going on and surprise, surprise, their deal might not be your deal. So you should remember to get over yourself.

We here at ReddWebDev really don’t care who you marry, or what church you attend — Folks are just as equal across the board.

If you hire us to do the job, then the job will be done, because we are pretty aware of the fact that your deal might not be our deal. As a business, it’s not our job to sell political strife.

This business of ours has been around for exactly how many Presidents? Well lets see — We had Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump — See how that works?

We serve people, and by doing so, we’ve chosen to be a part of the solution.


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