Great Falls Public Library Blog – Open to invited readers only


Every so often I’ll cruise around the interwebs to see who might still be engaged in the Montana blogosphere and I was a bit befuddled as to why the Great Falls Public Library blog is opened to invited readers only.

Didn’t we just go through all of the trouble of passing a levy for the library? It seems a bit off that we would go through all of what we did and then still have to be invited to read their blog.

I mean … it’s only mine and everyone else’s tax money that’s keeping the library doors open so I would venture to guess that reading their blog might come without the caveat of having to be invited.

Here’s what the Great Falls Public Library blog looked like in 2007.

Now there’s a notice at

Great Falls Public Library Blog -
Great Falls Public Library Blog

I know that there isn’t much going on with blogging these days. Blogging has gone the way of the much less useful social media sites.

The Great Falls Public Library could have just stopped blogging, thus leaving their last post up from 2007, 2010, or 2013, or whatever — Just like all of the other abandoned blogs did, but they didn’t, choosing rather instead to put on a notice that essentially locks the public at large out from ever seeing the blog unless they were invited — you know, sort of like how those good-old-boy clubs do.

I don’t think I should have to be invited to read their blog — I should just be able to read it — They are receiving public money (some of that money is mine) after all.
If the blog is closed, the folks at the library should just say so instead of going about this whole having to be invited deal.


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