Frozen Missouri River – Great Falls, Montana 2019


Anybody that’s been around Great Falls long enough knows about the Missouri River that flows through town.

In the winter it has the tendency to freeze over and it can pose some pretty dangerous conditions for those who choose to tempt fate by crossing it on foot.

Trouble with a frozen surface with water flowing underneath is that you just never know when or if you’re going to fall through and be swept up under the ice.

I took our son down to the river to help educate him on the potential dangers of the Missouri River when it freezes.

Here’s the video he made while we were there:


The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States, flowing for 2,341 miles from its source in the Rocky Mountains of Montana to its confluence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri.

When a river freezes, it may appear to stop flowing, but there is usually still some movement beneath the ice. This movement is caused by water currents and thermal convection.

The best advice with regard to our portion of the Missouri River is that when it freezes, it’s best to just stay off of it.


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