Fiddler’s Green – The Galway Girl


Fiddler’s Green is a German band that plays Irish folk music.

Fiddler’s Green – The Galway Girl:



Formed in 1990, their first concert under the name of Fiddler’s Green was at the Newcomer-Festival in Erlangen in November that same year.

Their debut album entitled “Fiddler’s Green” was released in 1992 and featured both live and studio tracks, some traditional and some original material.

It was released on their own label, Deaf Shepherd Recordings. The band had been signed to a major label, but chose to go back to being independent. The band members themselves refer to their music as Irish Speedfolk, as opposed to Folk rock or Irish folk.

Meet Fiddler’s Green:

Ralf “Albi” Albers: vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo
Pat Prziwara: vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo
Tobias Heindl: violin, vocals
Stefan Klug: accordion, bodhran
Rainer Schulz: bass
Frank Jooss: drums, percussion

Galway Ireland:

Galway is a city in the West of Ireland, in the province of Connacht, which is the county town of County Galway.

It lies on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. It is the most populous settlement in the province of Connacht, the fifth most populous city on the island of Ireland and the fourth most populous in the Republic of Ireland, with a population at the 2022 census of 85,910.

Located near an earlier settlement, Galway grew around a fortification built by the King of Connacht in 1124.

A municipal charter in 1484 allowed citizens of the by then walled city to form a council and mayoralty.

Controlled largely by a group of merchant families, the Tribes of Galway, the city grew into a trading port.

Following a period of decline, as of the 21st century, Galway is a tourist destination known for festivals and events including the Galway International Arts Festival.

In 2018, Galway was named the European Region of Gastronomy. The city was the European Capital of Culture for 2020, alongside Rijeka, Croatia.

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The Galway Girl is the cover version of a modern classic by Steve Earle.

Photography: Holger Fichtner


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