Everything that might be wrong with this country in one photo


When I logged into the interwebs this morning I was confronted with a dirty grill, raw meat, and a lot of sharp witty commentary about one of our older than dirt national politicians.

Apparently, in an effort to relate to Fathers on Fathers day, Chuck Schumer thought that it might be nice to do a photo op of him grilling some burgers.

Chuck Schumer - Happy Fathers Day
Chuck Schumer – Happy Fathers Day

Long story short, his attempt to relate fell somewhat short of whatever it was he was trying to convey.

It’s okay Chuck, I get it. But I was sort of thinking that maybe next time you could get an intern that really does know how to grill (the cheese atop the raw meat is rather telling). It might save you some embarrassment in the long run.

I don’t care that Chuck has probably never cooked an actual meal on his own his entire life, but what I do care about is just how seemingly out of touch some folks are that do all of the bidding for our politicians. I hardly think that standing in front of a filthy cold grill full of cold uncooked raw meet was Chucks idea. Someone, somewhere, had to have put him up to it, and poor old gullible Chuck obliged.

You can tell a lot about a nation by who it puts into office. The sort of people that voted for Chuck is evident in this failed photo op. Voters will swallow whatever they’re told .. it doesn’t have to be true or make sense because after all, they saw it on TV or the internet.

Usually when I, or anyone else for that matter, attempts to try something new, there’s a bit of research done before hand. I mean, no one want’s to come off looking like a boob in front of all of their buddies … right?

I think this whole business of trying to relate is a noble endeavor. We want to be validated, acknowledged, accepted, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own little bubbles that any semblance of normalcy can become non-existent.

Our politicians seem to depend too much on the electorate being too stupid to know the difference. From setting up the fly rod wrong, to wearing cowboy hats backwards, and yes Chuck, even to your misadventures in grilling.

You guys are really going to have to do better.


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