Great Falls works on making due


Our city commissioners are trying to figure out the money deal since the Public Safety Levy failed.

It appears that some of the folks over at city might be thinking that we here in Great Falls don’t care about public safety — fact of the matter is that we here in Great Falls just got done having a huge tax increase shoved down our throats by the folks over in Helena who somehow seem to think that our counties aren’t taxing us nearly enough on our own property.

Montana property value spikes bring tax confusion, blame

A levy comes along after all of that and really … who’s in the mood to approve more taxes over the taxes we just had levied against us from Helena? Not only did the Public Safety Levy fail, but a couple of other bond issues failed as well.

Sorry to say it, but someone needs to let these government leaders (city and state) know that we aren’t made out of money. City is all worried about having to make due with dollar amounts that they had to make due with last year. City should be grateful for the money it does have to use because you see, we don’t have the luxury of being able to use the same amount of money we used last year because it’s being taxed away from us at a constant rate via these so-called levies. We don’t get a raise in our domestic wage/earnings every time the notion suits us, so they should be fine with what they’ve got.

So now City is trying to come up with plans to *make due*.

According to the Electric, Wolff said the community didn’t understand the public safety needs and hadn’t heard the information shared during their work session. She said the city needed to find ways to communicate with the public.

Wolff might be right, but all of the communication in the world isn’t going to get you the money that people simply don’t have. The only real communication happened when the ballots came out in essence saying “we want more of your money” — at this point, that’s about the only communication people are going to really understand.

Though I love Great Falls and am raising my family here, I can’t help but come away with the notion that we aren’t real well known for electing the best and the brightest to serve on our city commission sometimes.

From the collapse of Electric City Power to the most recent $150,000 of taxpayer money spent to try to convince us that we should be giving the city money that we don’t have, I’m beginning to think that having a bake sale just might do the trick. Jackie M. (Mike) Brown over on The Western Word suggested that “The department heads and commissioners should hold bake sales until that money is paid back”.

At the end of the day City just might end up having to do what all of the rest of us have to do. Have bake sales and make due.


  1. I gotta agree. What kind of “leader” takes 150k of taxpayer money in order to “educate” us to vote them a raise? That kind of arrogance and stupidity is mind boggling, and something this current crop of leaders will never live down. Seriously, if they’re this stupid, which they apparently are, how can they be trusted to make the correct decision on anything? That’s mafia politics at its worst! They’re thugging us. Making us an offer we can’t refuse………..WITH OUR OWN MONEY! And so far the only good thing is that we haven’t yet found a horse head in our beds, only horse sh*t! And we’ll probably have to pay for that too!


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