Celebrating Independence Day with Rodney Atkins


GAWD I love this town —

They day started off with a great Independence Day parade down Central Ave and ended with a great concert by Rodney Atkins.

Rodney Atkins plays “I’m Watching You”

The Independence Day Hootenanny started at about 1 o’clock but it wasn’t until much later than that when Rodney Atkins took the stage – we had roughly three hours, mostly raining, to buy beer and pizza before Rodney came on. The guys that came on after the Melissa Lynn Band and before Rodney were just a bit long in the tooth when they played I guess – pretty much all you could hear was the base.

It was a whole ‘nuther story when Rodney came on though – Rodney’s sound guys ran the sound board with skill and ease – you could hear every instrument and could actually hear the words being sung.

Rodney absolutely didn’t disappoint. Everybody knew the words to all of the songs and readily sang along.

I loved the fact that there were a ton of young people there too … singing along and dancing.

Rodney Atkins topped off the day, and even in spite of the rain that moved through that afternoon, it was one of the best Independence Day celebrations in my recent memory.

I’d like to thank Dascoulias Realty Group, Enbär Craft Cocktail Lounge, Fat Tuesday Casino, The Mighty Mo Brewing Co. and all of the other great folks that brought Rodney to town for this free concert … it really means a lot.

You can learn more about Rodney Atkins by visiting his website here: https://www.rodneyatkins.com/


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