Blizzard Warning remains in effect for Highwood and Little Belt mountains


It was pretty calm this morning at 6 o’clock, but by 9 the weather began to deteriorate with the wind picking up and light intermittent showers in town.

The slow moving Pacific weather system that was predicted a few days ago has arrived.

A Blizzard warning was re-issued this morning for the Highwoods and the Little Belt mountains.

Sheriff Slaughter (Cascade County Sheriff/Coroner’s Office) addresses the upcoming spring storm specifically in the Little Belt Mountain Range.


The National Weather Service in Great Falls posted a webcam graphic of conditions around our region at 3 o’clock this afternoon.

NWS in Great Falls also said: A Blizzard Warning remains in effect for the Little Belt and Highwood Mountains from noon today to midnight Wednesday Night. Periods of zero visibility in wet blowing snow will make for dangerous driving conditions, and may cause some tree damage and a few power outages.


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