Biscuit on a Stick


About ten years ago one of my camping buddies pulled a can of biscuits out of his cooler one cold camping morning and introduced us to this great and simple culinary miracle. A can of Hungry Jack buttermilk biscuits has been a staple in my cooler ever since.


1 can biscuits
squeeze butter
1 stick


Roll out a biscuit with your hands so that it becomes elongated and about one inch thick at the center. Wrap it tightly around the end of your stick and pinching it as you go to insure that it stays on the stick while cooking. When done wrapping, the biscuit should take up about six inches of the stick. Heat over the campfire until golden brown. Pull it off the stick, pour butter down the hole left by the stick, and enjoy.


Sent in by Chris Moore. The way I like it is to pour butter around the outside of the biscuit and sprinkle sugar on it, then pour your favorite jelly inside. It is very messy, but very good.
Servings: 2 – 5 Preparation time: 10 minutes

Joe Adams