Bing for a month (bingathon)


A bunch of the guys, and gals, over at Webmasterworld have essentially committed themselves to trying Bing for a month.

And in this post I’ll invite anyone reading to join the month long use of Bing as their primary internet search provider.

When I started using Bing full-time I promised myself that I would leave the Google default search in my Firefox toolbar — only just today did I change it.

I don’t care for the pretty pictures that display on Bing’s homepage and the only way to prevent my having to look at them was to set Bing as the default search in Firefox.

So far it appears that there are many things to like about Bing.

One of those things is how Bing arranges it’s sitelinks. Another is how the content on the search pages is laid out. Easy to look at actually. The fine blue text is easier to look at than the bold blue. Bing’s layout is fairly organized, and if you like the way Facebook is laid out, then you’re going to love the simplicity of Bing’s layout.

I also like that Bing delivers, at least so far, non generic search results.
It so far has taken Bing to show me just how mundane and predictable the search results are on Google.

At any rate for a month I’m going to just Bing-It if I need to find something online. And you’re invited to join in.


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