Biden Speech Derails “What am I Doing here?”


Seems that every election cycle has it’s fair share of issues. It’s nothing new. There’s always someone, somewhere, that’s going to take issue with whoever it might be in the White House at any given time.

Recently, President Joe Biden, speaking in front of a small crowd in Texas, said that he and the First Lady wanted to visit the state on Friday. However, his speech was quickly derailed.

Biden, trying to name off Texas congressional members and other U.S. Democrats who were helping in the Texas relief effort, completely loses his thought process and track of mind.

“What am I doing here? I’m going to lose track here.” … as the video below clearly shows.


Sometimes we all lose track of what we are saying — We draw a blank. It happens every day — to all of us at some point.

What makes this particular instance somewhat alarming, is that President Joe Biden has the tendency to lose his train of thought extremely frequently.

Here is an example of what Sky News had to say:


I may not of necessarily liked Bill Clinton — The second term of George Bush was a total disaster — Barrack Obama sowed his own share of hate and discontent — Trump, being all bombastic and rude. None of these could have ever prepared me, the nation, or even the world, for Joe Biden.

Even through many of these worthless past Presidents, I’ve maintained a very healthy respect for the “office” of the Presidency. This is the United States after all, and respect for our government institutions should be maintained at levels higher than the particular individuals that might happen to inhabit them.

As an American, I’m somewhat embarrassed for my nation. You can love or hate a President, but President Joe Biden is taxing the confidence of the many on a global scale.

I’ve never seen any nation laugh so hard at a United States President than I have this year. The United States is not a “laughing stock”, but President Joe Biden is hell bent on turning my nation into one and permanently destroying any good credibility we may have had along the way.

Love them or hate them, our past Presidents have all had the ability to rub at least two brain cells together — This whole business with Joe Biden is a tragedy of epic proportions. The man should be at home, enjoying his sunset years in peace.

I’m sorry for President Joe Biden, and I’m sorry for our nation.


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