2022 Christmas Stroll – Great Falls, Montana


The weather forecast high temp for tomorrow, Friday December 2nd, in Beaumont, Texas, is 74 … the forecast low is 69.

I mention Beaumont because my wife was raised in Texas.

When my then soon-to-be wife first came to Great Falls from Beaumont, Texas in 1998, she had no idea that we here in Great Falls would walk around in 10 degree weather at night on purpose.

After my wife’s first Christmas Stroll, she understood why we would walk around in 10 degree weather at night on purpose, and she’s been hooked on Great Falls ever since.

The 2022 Christmas Stroll is tomorrow night, Friday December 2nd, and the weather forecast high for Great Falls is 11, with a forecast low of 1, and even in spite of the cold temps, we wouldn’t want to miss the Christmas Stroll for anything.

There’s never a dull moment at the Christmas Stroll in Great Falls:



  1. The first time I attended – 2002 – I was utterly delighted and almost in disbelief that it could be so…wholesome? And of course fun! It really is magical.


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