Morning Coffee


Every morning I get up at about 4 o’clock, make coffee, and then sit out on the front porch and watch the world wake up.

It’s sort of a routine in that it’s what the critters (dog and cat) come to expect.

During the quiet time while everyone is still asleep I’ll sit and ponder the goings-ons around the world.

As far as things like Israel and Palestine, I don’t really have an opinion on the matter except to say that what’s going on over there these days isn’t really anything new at all. Those people have been hating on each other for thousands of years. Since the business of what goes on in the middle east has been going on for so long, it’s hard for me to understand just exactly why everyone gets their noses all out of joint every time something happens over there.

Upon after having a couple of cups, I’ll come back in and get on the computer, wander over to the social sites, and drop some light hearted silliness for whoever happens to be following along.

The business of the M on Mount Sentinel being colored with Palestinian colors doesn’t bother me much — Kids do stupid shit all the time. I’m reminded of all of the protests back in ’79 when the Shah of Iran was admitted to the U.S. for cancer treatments — Everyone lost their ever loving minds over that too, all the while not knowing where Iran even was on the map.

In the end, the Shah got his cancer treatment and there wasn’t anything that anybody could do about it — The Shah still died by the way.


Just like this business with Israel — People will jump up and down and get their panties in a bunch and Israel is still gonna do what Israel is gonna do.

I don’t do politics much at all. When I think of modern politics I can’t help but equate it all to some sort of dysfunctional family somewhere. No one ever knows the truth about anything simply because politics isn’t ever grounded in the truth at all — Just a bunch of people running around trying to make their world better for themselves without a single thought given to anyone else in the room.

I do enjoy the critters though — Always surrounding me every morning over coffee while I sit and think of all of the stuff that folks somehow think is important, but really isn’t.

I think that this world would be a much better place if folks would stop going around poking their noses into everybody else’s business.


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